Dream Weaver

Bob has a weird dream about Conan O’Brien while Miles buys dirty collectible cards.

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Bob LeMent recently was able to speak with the Conspiracy Clearinghouse and this is the result.

EPISODE 72 | Everywhere Is Haunted

Guest: Bob LeMent, creator and host of the Static Radio podcast and Everywhere Is Haunted YouTube channel

The unseen world is intriguing to many of us, especially those of us embroiled in pop culture. Plenty of people believe in ghosts, spirits, shades, spectres, shadows, phantoms, eidolons, or whatever you want to call them. We talk with Bob LeMent, who runs the Everywhere Is Haunted YouTube channel about ghost hunting TV shows, equipment, theories and a couple of anomalous events that have actually happened to him, one involving the Shadow People and another with a UFO.


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Dream Weaver