Need A Guest for your Podcast?

We have produced over 1500 shows, guested on more than 60 other shows, and been an online media pioneers.  Our show was one of the first 50 podcasts on Adam Curry’s original list of podcasts at the beginning of the name he coined. We have also been interviewed by traditional media outlets in the US and abroad about producing media for the Internet.

Currently, out of over 5 million+ podcasts, you can see below how we chart against the rest in various areas.


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#14793Chartable : Podcasts : Global : All Podcasts : ReachChart »
#11672Chartable : Podcasts : USA : All Podcasts : ReachChart »
#7587Chartable : Podcasts : India : All Podcasts : ReachChart »
#1401Chartable : Podcasts : Global : Comedy : ReachChart »
#3468Chartable : Podcasts : Global : Society & Culture : ReachChart »
#1160Chartable : Podcasts : USA : Comedy : ReachChart »
#2753Chartable : Podcasts : USA : Society & Culture : ReachChart »
#13568Chartable : Podcasts : Canada : All Podcasts : ReachChart »

Well, Bob and Miles are here for you, with over 20 years of experience putting audio media out onto the internet. We both have a plethora of topics that they can talk about, not to mention they love to talk about themselves and what they have going on. You can click on the Matchmaker or PodMatch links below.

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So if you would like to have an easy-going, fun, and story-filled guest, just ask us, we probably have the time and the talent to make your podcast a little bit brighter.

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