Random Crap

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Desiree’s Picture Playhouse or just Miles Tidal rabid opportunist, you decide by gazing at Desiree’s belly ring and back tat.

Miles visits the future birthplace of Cap’N’ Kirk

Miles new Camp logo

Silly comic about the start of the show sometimes.

Bob eats butt croissants

Miles meets Larry the Cable Guy

A picture of the racoon in my garbage.

Miles meets the Iowa Govener’s wife.

Revealed The Phantom Anus, watch if you dare.

Miles goes to the fair and compares bellies with a cow.

Poor Jimmy Kimmel can’t even get ABC in line with his show.

What does this mean?

Who Knows Fergie? We know Fergie!, well Miles met him at a mall at least. For your viewing pleasure, former Cubbie Fergie Jenkins

Miles’ ear wax, Robert Downey, Jr. says “the best legal high I have ever had”

What John Hargrave thinks of Bob and Miles.

Miles finally makes it to the crash site where Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper finally landed, or fell, or crashed, whatever, but the point is, look how Miles dwarfs the historical signage.

Review of “It Happened at Clear Lake” by Scott Baker formerly of Streaming Media.com.

Here it is, a glowing endorsement, (well autographed picture), from actor Charles Napier.

Our newest fan hails from just inside the earth’s atmosphere, astronaut to be Jim Kelly.

Here is Jim Belushi with Miles and his family.

I’m sure that most folks in Denver, CO would not admit to listening and Ryan Bowan #42 of the Denver Nuggets is no exception. But when he is in his hometown of Fort Madison Iowa, we can’t get him to quit calling.

Bob and Miles new ad campaign. Email us on what you think.

Miles Tidal’s Big Ass Fan.

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