Polish Nostradamus 2022

As we enter our 23rd year of doing this weekly show online, we take time to look forward to what next year will bring.  Below are Mile’s predictions for the coming year, as he is the Polish Nostradamus (all rights reserved).

Green Bay vs Titans – Green Bay wins
Bob invites Miles to go on a trip with his wife
Pay Per View – Nude Mixed Doubles Tennis Match – Seniors
Edible Panties make a comeback – top flavor is movie butter popcorn
Celebrity Death – Ozzie Osbourne dies while skydiving
Jim Morrison’s grave robbed – his body chopped up – sold in pieces on the black market
Bob’s brother gets photography award
Las Vegas is visited by space aliens – they drop feces on the strip
President Biden wrestles John Cena – Cena breaks his arm
Smidge goes to jail for drunkenly eating live goldfish on stage
Manny the Mailman has a close call in a bounce house – wind lifts the house
CB goes to work sick, shits his pants makes underwear out of hand towels
Miles runs into Mindy Cohen, kisses her, embraces her and shares stories

Bob says Miles will not go on a trip with him and his wife

Bet – Miles will do a sexy dance on Tik Tok or Bob will take Miles and his wife to a nice steak dinner

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