Longest continuous running online audio show – Static Radio

As we enter 2022, just wanted to put this out in the world. We have been producing this weekly audio internet show, Static Radio, since November 25, 1998. Miles and I have recorded each week with only very minor interruptions over the last 23 years now. Those were mostly personal tragedies, family members passing away, or losing your house to a fire and one national tragedy on September 11, 2001. But other than those minor bumps each week Miles and I give the internet a 15 to 40 minute weekly comedy show about the strange and funny happenings in their lives.

Although technology has changed drastically over the last 23 years, Miles and I have persevered week after week to bring a little levity to the world. Yes sometimes it can be quite bawdy, or even crass, but it is always an attempt to make each other laugh and hopefully make you, the audience, laugh as well. We lay bare our quirks, deficits, and all the things that make use human, but try to spin it in a humorous way.

We hope that you enjoy all of our shows, which total over 1,140. All are not on this website, because of mass changes in delivery, some of the older shows are not on this platform. We are working on bringing those over, so if you want to know what was happening back in 1999, we have 52 shows coming to let you know.

We also wanted to thank our devoted fans and hope that many others will join as we continue to make each other laugh.

Take care and you will hear from us next week.

Bob LeMent

Static Radio