Polish Nostradamus 2021

Static Radio finishes it’s 21st year and the Polish Nostradamus predicts what might happen in 2021, as if 2020 were all that grand.

  1. Chiefs vs. Packers, Packers win
  2. Bob gets fondled by waiter at Chinese restaurant
  3. Miles becomes a model of some kind
  4. Manny the Mailman chickens out at a nude beach
  5. Smidge writes new song titled “Too Tired to Wank” based on his COVID experiences
  6. CB tries jello wrestling and loses glasses, searches like Velma, but never finds them
  7. Turns out you can beat COVID by wanking
  8. President Biden, starts National Bingo Contest
  9. Celebrity Deaths – Wings Hauser, Marc Singer (The BeasterMaster), Johnny Whittaker (Jodi from Family Affair)
  10. Bob watches a new Japanese game show called “Guess My Pubes”

Bob’s Prediction
Someone we know will land a Netflix show or special

Miles bet a Bob tattoo over his boob if Bob wins or a nice dinner for Miles and his wife if any of the predictions come to pass.

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Static Radio Animated: Polish Nostradamus 2021