Polish Nostradamus 2020

Static Radio finishes it’s 20th year and the Polish Nostradamus predicts what might happen in 2020.

  1. 49ers over the Ravens
  2. Celebrity Deaths – Erik Estrada, Jimmie JJ Walker, Richard Thomas
  3. Smidge Kurdlebaum get record deal for country album
  4. Kathy Bates publishes the “Art of Spanking”
  5. Bob starts watching a Japanese game show “Eat My Toenails”
  6. Manny the Mailman hunts the Jersey Devil in his uniform
  7. Marijuana sales bring Illinois out of debt
  8. Poland’s moon mission plants sausage on the moon
  9. Miles shares a restroom with Paul McCartney
  10. During Bob’s house rebuild they find Native American artifacts that stop construction
  11. Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker syncs up with Dark Side of the Moon
  12. Melania Trump wrestles for charity
  13. World’s smallest cell phone gets eaten by dog.  Music plays out of dogs anus.

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