Daylight Saving Time is Stupid

You can read what the Wikipedia says about it, or even Yahoo, but in the end it is just a bunch of crap. Each of those entries point to more afternoon sunlight time for this or that but the fact is if you want more time, you either get up early or use a flashlight or wait for the next day. It is just absolute crap to think it helps in some way, well I suppose if you are a total moron it helps but the reality is there is the same amount of daylight as before we have just tricked ourselves into thinking the sun stays up later, it is akin to setting your clocks 15 minutes fast so you won’t be late. Now it may help some chronically late people but really to do that for everyone as a society is just asinine. Our we a whole country of people who can’t operate without some sort of simple trick to keep us going.

The truth for me at least is twice a year, I get my sleep patterns totally fucked for 2 weeks while I adjust to this new time, not to mention the fact that how can anyone keep the time straight after these almost random adjustments of time. We have time zones then we have time zones with Daylight Saving, how crazy. Some great way to usher in this global economy by giving everyone around the world the mindfuck that is DST.

Well it is getting late, or is it, I am at least within an hour I suppose. Stupid Daylight Saving Time.